48 Hours At SXSW with Chris Cote

If you’re not familiar with SXSW, you best navigate away from this page and Google it—cause if you don’t know, you are missing out on the world’s greatest music event/festival ever. Some people have the luxury of spending six to seven days soaking in all the music, food, culture, and joyous living that SXSW offers. I on the other hand only had a brief 48 to attack this festival from every angle. Here is my attempt to show the wonders of SXSW 2012 in the brief span of 20 photos. Oh, and bear with me as some photos are taken with a camera, some with an iPhone, and some under the influence of beer and street food.

1. (see photo above) Throughout the day I did a bunch of interviews for Macbeth (which you will see soon). My first one of the trip was with Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra who was at SXSW playing shows with his projects, Right Away, Great Captain! and Bad Books. He is holding his new “Studio Project” shoe by Macbeth, the thing looks fantastic.

2. The first show I actually went to was the “Shirts For A Cure” event that featured two fantastic bands that I thought I’d never get a chance to see. The first was Braid (shown here) blew my face off. If you have not heard of this band, do yourself a favor and search for the song, “New Nathan Detroit’s”—you will love it. After they played, a reformed Hot Water Music came up and played an amazing set.

3. One of the best things about SXSW is seeing your favorite bands up close and personal. As you can see from this iPhone photo—I was right up in the mix.

4. SXSW is a Mecca for music fans from around the globe, and as it just so happens, many of the music fans that attend the festival are beautiful women. Here are just three of the hundred or so fantastic females I saw.

5. Midway through the first day of my SXSW experience, I got a call from Chad Waldorf (booking agent from the Bellyup.com) who invited me to go see the one and only Bruce Springsteen! You can’t read the ticket, but you can read the look on my face—so hyped!

6. Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band!

7. After I saw one of the best concerts of my life, I linked back up with the Macbeth crew. As we walked to our car, we stopped in a small bar and happened upon a band called Kid Congo who was ripping.

8. One of the bands I interviewed was an up-and-coming skate/surf punk band called FIDLAR (F-k It Dog Lets All Rage). They were a great group of fellas and if you ever have the chance to see them live, do it—your face will be melted into a perma-grin.

9. On every corner of every street at SXSW, you’re likely to run in to beautiful people both male and female. These two tickled my fancy.

10. Dave and Pete Stoddard, the two brothers behind Brixton, hat/clothing/vibe brand that had a sick showcase featuring a band you will see in just a few photos, Dinosaur Jr.! Two top dudes, check out brixtonltd.com to see their handy work.

11. I saw legendary pro skateboarders Pat Duffy and Rob Welsh skating by and had to ask them what the hell they were doing at SXSW. “The best week of music you could ever wish to hear”, said Pat Duffy. I have to agree with that sentiment.

12. Spring in Austin is wonderful—just look at the pretty flowers that are blooming (in short shorts).

13. When I say there are amazing looking females on every corner, I mean it.

14. Our good friends in the band called LeBlorr played a small show off the strip and absolutely killed it! You can bet they will be playing at one of the coveted showcases next year at SXSW.

15. LeBlorr … best live band I’ve seen since Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band.

16. Dickies rented a house and put on one hell of a showcase. Their headlining band was none other than Built To Spill—one of the greatest indie rock bands on this planet. Of course I smashed my way up to the front row.

17. The Brixton/Filter Magazine party was insanely hard to get in to due to the face-melting music of Dinosaur Jr. I stood, or should I say danced right in front of J Mascis’ gigantic triple stack of Marshall amps—I was deaf for two days after this photo was taken.

18. As I was walking out of the party, I ran into one of my heroes, Tim Armstrong from Rancid! Such a rad guy—totally fine with a grown ass man fan asking to take a picture with him.

19.  Just as I was ready to call it a night, I ran in to a sick crew of friends. Ryan Kingman from Stance Socks, Dave Stoddard from Brixton, and Pro Skateboarder, Tom Grom—I followed them for a while and extended my epic night.

20. At around 3:00 a.m. I was exhausted and had to just take a seat and chill. The streets of Austin started to empty, and all I could think about was bed. One thing I know, I will never miss a year of SXSW—best 48 hours of my life.

Stayed tuned on how you can win a pair of Black/Cement Langleys!


Posted Mar 22, 2012 11:49:28 am

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