Ben Jarvis of The Wild Feathers: Notes from the Road Entry 7

Day 23
Salt Lake City UT to Moses Lake WA

A flip was switched as soon as we left Idaho and crossed the border into Oregon. Shit went haywire in the sky. As the sun set around the green hills directly in front of us, it assaulted the clouds, which were many. There are names for clouds. Nimbus, cumulus. That's about all I know, but whatever their names, they were all there. Promenading in every color. Gunmetal grey juxtaposed with cotton candy pink. Marigold to aqua. It truly was wild, and although the hills and rivers were majestic in their own rights, they seemed humbled. Wild sky. Tamed country. You try and take a picture to remember it, or to send to a loved one, but it just doesn't capture it. Maybe my description is no different?

The sun, as it always does, fared us well - stealing away with its color - draining the clouds and country. The hills graduated to mountains, Nick Drake sang to us about the things behind the sun, and the ensuing night hung ominously. The once colorful clouds turned black and watchful.

There's something sad about watching the sun set in a new place,” said my passenger as I drove westward. I agreed. But I find it a comforting kind of sad. The way any ending can be. But what is a sunset an ending to? A day? A day is just a measurement. A finite. But it's also not. Like decimals in an integer, a day is a string of infinite moments. Like all the moments in witnessing a sunset. That's why I find it comforting and sad. It is an ending to something, but there is no real end.


Day 24: Sasquatch Festival
Moses Lake WA to The Gorge and back.

After trekking 19 hours through the night after a show and all day the next day, we finally arrived at The Gorge in Quincy, Washington at 9am for the Sasquatch Festival. I've always wanted to go to the Sasquatch Fest, so getting to play it was wonderful.

It was like playing a show in a postcard. Breathtaking views, to say the least. I've never been able to take in a view like that while playing the drums. Mishawaka was also incredible, but a difference is that most of the view there was behind me while I played, yet at the Gorge it was right in front of me. Though it was overcast and drizzly all day, it was still amazing.

A couple of our dear, sweet friends from Boise were at the festival, and it was great seeing them again. Never a better day to dance in the rain.

Some music I got to see: Cody Chestnutt, Ryan Bingham, Elliot Brood, Dirty Projectors, Death Grips, The Lumineers, Alt-J, Toro Y Moi, Ariel Pink.


Day 25
Moses WA to Sandpoint ID to Missoula MT

If playing a show at the Gorge was playing in a postcard, then the drive from Sandpoint, Idaho to Missoula, Montana was driving in a postcard. For a few hours.

We left Moses Lake, WA early to make a radio appearance in Sandpoint, ID. At times on that drive I felt like I was in David Lynch's fictional town of Twin Peaks.

Montana is the real deal. I've always heard people say that Montana is beautiful, and now I believe them. It was hours of nonstop amazing scenery. We drove through and around national forests with names like Kaniksu, Kootenai, and Lolo. Right along the Clark Fork River. A truly memorable drive. Thankful to finally see Montana.

Turns out, video poker and Keno are kosher in Montanan. And wouldn't you know it, our hotel had some machines in the hotel bar. Also, Ryan Bingham and his crew were staying at the same hotel. So I spent my night off getting hammered and playing video poker with some dudes, and it was great. I broke even.


Day 26
Missoula MT

The Wilma Theater is a cozy, rustic feeling venue. There was standing room in front of the stage, with seats beyond that and seats in the balcony. We walked out on stage to a sea of blackness. No one was standing, they were all in the seats. After a couple of songs, one of us subtly requested to the audience that they come to the front in the standing area. It seems like that rarely works. The people usually just kind of ignore and then it feels awkward. This time, however, they listened. The standing room filled up immediately with some rambunctious Missoula folks. They got loud, too. Beautiful crowd, great show.

After the show, I wandered around Missoula by myself, since the hotel was right downtown and in walking distance of the venue. I ran into a couple of dudes from the Bingham crew on the streets, so we hopped in a bar. I believe it was called Stockman's, but I may be way off there. What I do know for sure was they had a poker game going in the back of the bar. I played pretty commandingly for most of the night. Until the very end. Sometimes you can control the table all night, but your empire can crumble by getting edged out in one hand. Should've quit while I was ahead. No, I don't mean that.


Go to The Wild Feather's website now and see when they will be near you soon. Catch up on Ben Jarvis' last entry here!

Posted Jun 17, 2013 02:54:20 pm

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