Ben Jarvis of The Wild Feathers: Notes from the Road Entry 9

Day 33
Jackson Hole WY to Boise ID

An emotional morning ride in the van. We had to leave Jackson Hole very early to make it to an event at Record Exchange, a great indie record store in Boise. I woke up feeling a little down, maybe it was just from staying up too late and drinking. But I wasn't the only one. Some slept during the ride, some of us sat up front and talked. We talked about the girls in our lives. The girls not in our lives. Talked about life. It is great to be around some wise fellows. Wise and funny. It's important to crack some jokes during such intense emotional conversations. The laughter helps the release. The talk helped. I think we learned something.

Boise, ID is one of my favorite cities. We have played there twice now, and both times were great. The show this time at the Egyptian Theater was fantastic. Beautiful venue. Beautiful people. Our favorite hotel is there. We have made some good friends there. Had some special hangs with some special special folks.


Day 34
Boise ID to Portland OR

It seems like all I have mentioned lately is the scenery of the country. But the drive to Portland through the Gorge along the Columbia River is not to be forgotten. My second time this tour seeing the Gorge. One thing that stood out about this drive were the few waterfall moments. I absolutely love waterfalls.

We celebrated a feather's birthday in Portland, in full feathers fashion. Wild. The night started off at an amazing Thai restaurant called Pok Pok. Quite the dining experience. I cannot name what we had by the Thai names, but dishes we all passed around included ribs, chicken wings, steak salad, prawns, pork belly, and boar collar. Fucking delicious. Afterwards, we let the celebration spill out into downtown Portland, taking it as we wanted.


Day 35
Portland OR

We played a radio event in the afternoon. A filmed, full band performance they streamed online. My mom told me she enjoyed watching it, which was very nice to hear.

Portland sure is a fun town. After the show at the Roseland Theater, we picked up right where we left off with the birthday celebration the night before. We went to a rad little bar and imposed our dancing will on the place. It had been a long time since I got to dance up on a table, so it was good to be back! Dancing on furniture is one of my favorite pastimes. Full on insanity broke out in the place. Clothes were coming off. Everyone was smooching and dancing with everyone. Get up on the table. Get down on the floor.


Day 36
Portland OR to Eugene OR

After an intense night of dancing, I was awoken to the sounds of a parade passing by our hotel and texts from my ex girlfriend regarding our living situation. When am I moving out, when are you moving out, etc. Such a strange feeling lying there in a hotel bed trying to wrap my head around the vestiges of my home. Letting go while the parade marched on.

I went and had lunch with a dear friend who was on vacation in Portland. Having to coordinate meeting up through a parade proved difficult. While trying to locate her, she said on the phone to me, “I feel like we're so close but there's a parade in between us.” I found something poetic about that. Like me, she was also dealing with a break up and a hangover, so we said fuck it all, let's eat a bunch of pizza.

I've never in my life attempted a hand stand or a cartwheel. After the show at W.O.W. Hall, some of us were trying/doing them in the venue after it had cleared out. I couldn't do either one and was getting so pissed about it. The closest I came was very close to a success, but I landed on the side of my knee and now it's kind of swollen.


Day 37
Eugene OR to Sacramento CA

I got to see some old friends at Harlow's in Sacramento. Some good friends of my parents who I had not seen in probably 13, 14 years came out to see me. It was nice to see them, and they wrote an email to my mom bragging on me, which I appreciated.

There was also another friend there who I knew from Nashville. I love the guy and his wife and their baby daughter. They moved from Nashville to Sacramento a few months ago. I've had a small hang-up in my heart about them leaving. Not because they left Nashville, but because I never got to tell them goodbye. I was on the road when they left town, so I missed their going away party and all that good stuff. Those remaining precious sessions you get to have with friends before they leave. But on the other hand, I was the first friend to come visit him in Sacramento, so it worked out? 

Day 38
Sacramento CA to Sausalito CA to Mill Valley Ca

Woke up early and dazed from the party the night before. We had to make it to Sausalito by noon to play a weird lunch performance in a marketing and branding company's office. I was texting with some friends from home on the ride there, and I literally almost lost my mind, they were being so unbelievably fucking funny.

After that it was a day off in the Bay Area. I got in some hotel fitness center time, and then rented a bicycle and rode around for a while. I made some phone calls and caught up. Had a solo dinner. I had the option to go into San Francisco or Sausalito, but I opted to stay put. It was nice to stay in one place for a second. I also had the chance to go out to bars and drink, but decided against that. Like I've said before, on nights when we have shows, I get so fired up and it's hard to calm myself down, so I throw down as much as possible. It felt good to not be so intense for a night.


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Posted Jul 2, 2013 11:20:37 am

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