Chris Cote's SXSW Mini Model Search

SXSW Sartorialist

I went to SXSW to interview bands and get the overall vibe of what it was like to play there. When I wasn’t doing that, I trolled the streets looking for beautiful women and men to take pictures of. I found some. I stole their souls, and now I’m putting them online—that’s what I do on my down time, act like a creep. Here’s a “Sartorialist” kind of vibe. SXSW has some amazing people watching potential. I told these girls (and boys) I was a model scout, how creepy is that.

1.     Indie rock chicks love to flip the camera off. I think the easiest one to hook up with would be the third one in from the left. She’s the shortest, most average, and has a look n her face that tells me she’s kind of horny. The blonde to her right looks like she’d be more work, but the end result would be way more fun and rewarding.

2.     Dibs on the girl to the right!

3.     Male or female? Would you? I think I might.

4.     I changed my look up for the nighttime. Just kidding, I’d be wearing shorter shorts and a cuter top.

5.     Gutterpunk at it’s hottest! I wanted to sit and smoke cigs with these girls by this sewer grate, but I realized I was old enough to be their father, so instead of sitting in the gutter with them, I took them to a fancy dinner.

6.    They are 19 years old, I swear. The girl on the right showed me her ID, she had a Hello Kitty wallet.

7.     Imagine the possibilities, these girls wanted nothing but a good time. Oh, Lolita 1 and 2—if only I was rich—I’d take both of you on a private jet to creep island for three full days of craziness.

8.    I remember these two being hotter, the one on the left looks like a skinny Snooki.

9.    Here I am, on a giant Jackalope of some sort, at least it’s not a giant cock or squirrel.

10.  You’d think the one on the right would be the call right? Wrong, the girl on the left is way more down to get weird.

11.  Looks like Lady Ga Ga has an innocent looking friend who spent some time in a tanning booth. This is your perfect threesome opportunity. The Ga Ga girl is wild and will do anything, the innocent one will try to impress her wild friend—play your cards right and you’ll have a story you can tell your grandkid when he turns 18!

Posted Mar 23, 2011 09:44:42 pm

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