Chris Cote's Taking It To The Streets - SF in the Macbeth Matthew's

Do you know what S.F. stands for? I’ll tell you, S.F. stands for SUKKA FREE! And from what I saw on my last trip to S.F., the place is indeed Sukka Free. I was only in San Francisco for four days, but I packed a whole lot of livin’ in to those four days. Here’s a quick look at my trip. The main reason I went to San Fran was to play a Surfrider Foundation party for the opening night of the Rip Curl Search Pro “Somewhere In San Francisco” surf event. The show was the night after Halloween and featured my band, Kut U Up and Ty Segall. On my way up, I texted my old friend Billie Joe from Green Day (yeah I’m friends with Green Day, so what). I told them to come play a song or two on our gear, they said of course, but we all got much much more than we bargained for.

1.This was my last day in the city. Things got a little bit strange. Actually, they got a lot of bit strange. This was only the beginning of a really f—ked up day and night.

2.This is me barging the stage during Green Day’s version of The Misfits song “Hybrid Moments”—I love that song and could not resist. Check out Mike Dirnt's latest Macbeth Studio Project here.

3.Kut U Up back together again. Micah is on the East Coast doing training to become an Amtrak driver! Ronnie Dudek is filling in on guitar. He’s in the band Years Around The Sun, they rip, he rips.

4.Mike Dirnt, Kut U Up sign waver.

5.Dirnt, Cote, and Tre Cool—backstage bros.

6.Dint, Alexis Henry from Surfrider Foundation, me, Ty Segall, Ronnie Dudek.

7.Ty Segall was AMAZING! Such a goddamn good band.

8.Billie Joe’s fan club.

9.This is my little sister Cheyenne and I at a random Tiki bar somewhere in SF.

10.  Kut U Up fruity drink trilogy of gayness.

11.  My little sister’s friend Allison, she’s a model, and she was our driver—I use the term “driver” loosely as she wasn’t that good at driving.

12.  Yeah Kelly Slater wins the World Title! He got it taken away a few hours later, but I kept the shirt! I didn’t see one wave the whole week—what a loser.

13.  Me and the best bodysurfer on Earth, Mark Cunningham!

14.  Found some random home beer maker in the parking lot and let my little sister drink some—that was smart.

15.  Just a bar called Dimples in Japantown—what could be weird about that?

16.  Met up with legendary photographer Steve Sherman in the Mission District! He’s one of my favorite drinking buddies in the world. Check out his work is fantastic.

17.  Hey that’s the world’s best surfer Dane Reynolds and his girlfriend Courtney! I think I hung out with them for a bit and bugged the shit out of them.

18.  Lurking with some taggers I met.

19.  Kut U Up live! New album coming some day,

20.  What started with a simple text to Billie Joe about playing a few songs with us turned in to a full blown hour-and-a-half Green Day set complete with hits and never before heard songs! It was epic! Thanks GD for making a rad night just that much radder.


I'm heading to Hawaii next month, what rad spots should I hit up? And if you like my Matthew's check out the latest range available here.

Posted Nov 16, 2011 01:24:51 pm

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