Chris Cote's “Taking It To The Streets... and the boardwalk"

In My Shoes | Taking it to the streets, the boardwalk, and then some.
I recently made a trip to New York to cover the Quiksilver Pro New York. I watched some of the contest, but mostly I just creeped around Long Beach, Rockaway, and Manhattan doing sketchy shit and taking photos of random people and girls—you know, the usual. Anyway, here’s my latest episode of ‘In My Shoes”, a new series that won’t be appearing on a network near you, but will be re-occurring right here on I’m still wearing my black vegan Mathew’s with yellow laces, but now it’s football season and the undercover jock in me says I can’t wear Steeler colors anymore, gotta switch to white laces or some shit.—Chris Cote

Note: Usually these photos are in order, but my memory of these three days is very spotted, so cut me some slack.

1.This is Dane Reynolds doing a shakeface on top of the Allegria hotel. Dane is the best surfer in the world. Kelly Slater even says so. Anyway, he was in New York to support Quiksilver. Dane was hurt, so he couldn’t surf. Thankfully he could still drink and do shakefaces.

2.Seems like boardwalks are magnets for weird shit. I was walking around trying to find pizza when I saw two midgets with boxing gloves standing next to two hot teenage girls. Even I was sketched out by this scene, so I took this photo and cut. I think the midgets started boxing and the chicks started kissing.

3.These two girls were feeling my moves on the dance floor. I think I was sandwiched between them at one point getting buck wild. I didn’t even make them pose for this photo; they were in the moment—pure animalistic sex action.

4.I went to the Stevie Knicks concert in Jones beach (she was in Fleetwood Mac ya dummies). Anyway, these dudes saw me and were trying to get all frisky up in my clothing. I hung out with them for a bit, then they started getting all grab-assy, I had to ditch out and dance to Stevie Knicks—that’s not gay is it?

5.This is the drummer for Portugal The Man. He has a hidden Ween tattoo. If you meet him, ask him to see it, he’ll have to pull his pants off to show it to you.

6.Drawbridges and shit.

7.Rock Rock Rock Rock Rockaway Beach!

8.Me, the dude Andrew from MGMT, and Pascal Stansfield from Freedom Artists. I was supposed to DJ this party, but Andrew was playing too much good shit so I let him roll with it.

9.More gay dudes were feeling me on the streets of NYC. I’m not gay, but I’m a supporter. I mean, if someone thinks I’m hot, I’m hyped. I usually don’t get along with Laker fans, but this dude was cool. I don’t know which teams the other guy liked, cause he had no shirt on, at 3:30 a.m.—weird.

10.Like all supermodels, this one has a handler. I asked the blonde if I could take a picture of her for “” and she said nothing, looked at her handler, they mumbled something, the handler tried to duck away, the model grabbed her, I shot the photo—who cares. Models are boring.

11.Most males would look at the alpha-girl in the middle as the obvious choice. Not me, I look to the neck brace. A girl who got herself in to a neck brace is in to some radical shit—I like that in a woman.

12.I never hooked up with a girl with hair like that. This looks like a super hot version of a typical Long Island housewife. This girl was cool as hell and down to party.

13.I think she forgot her pants. For real. She straight up went to the beach wearing a little flowy skirt thing and somehow between her house and the beach it was gone. But she said screw it and went anyway, I love that about her.

14.This is a mix match. Put the chest of the girl in yellow on the body of the girl in black and you’ve got a winner! I’m not being sexist, just playing god.

15.The dude in the back is like, “Yeah this creepy little weirdo is taking photos of these two girls on front of me—he looks like Drew Carey.”

16.Something about a girl on crutches really gets me all worked up. Her face says a lot too, it tells me, “I fell down some stairs last night, I’m hungover, I just want to watch the guys surf, and I don’t want you to take a picture of me.” Her friend is like, “Hey there, wanna party?” I’m like, “Yeah.”

17.Craig’s list ad: Wanted, hot girl who will come to the beach with me and MacGyver up a stove to cook me thick sliced Canadian bacon.  FOUND.

18.This is here for no other reason than I could almost see down the girl on the right’s shorts.

Posted Sep 16, 2011 11:09:06 am

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