Chris Cote's “Taking It To The Streets”

My one-man parade on Boston’s famous Freedom Trail.

Macbeth shoes are known for rocking in, but did you also know you could walk in them? It’s true! On a recent trip to Boston to host “Love Live”, I used my free time to take in the sights, sounds, beers, and humanity of the world famous Freedom Trail, which is a historical self-guided tour around downtown Boston. For the record, I was wearing my Black/white Wrinkled Full Grain Leather Mathew’s, size 9.

To start off, I bought a map, unfolded it, and immediately looked like a tourist. That’s how I like to start off in any new city. It makes you look vulnerable and local chicks will want to help you or rob you.

This is the Freedom Trail. It’s a line of bricks that takes you on a wonderful journey through history (and at the end of it, there are like, six bars to drink at!)

I guess this is where the hookers are, but I didn’t see any.

Samuel Adams—great beer, great country shaper.  Although may have been a cross dresser judging from the skirt he's wearing in this picture.

Meeting people is easy! This guy wasn’t much for conversation, but he was dressed really well.

John Hancock is buried in this cemetery. I also saw this hot-ass group of Asian tourist girls giggling and taking pictures of eachother. I don’t condone giggling in graveyards, but it was a pretty damn hot image watching three fine ladies in mini-skirts posing for photos in an ancient graveyard. Think about it  …

Yep, that’s me on a golden donkey!

When a twelve-foot tall brass man asks you to come with him to his creepy van, just go with it.

Angels And Airwaves plays a live set for an audience of cameras.

Oh yeah, Angels And Airwaves was in Boston to premiere the film, Love, as well as play a few songs, and sit down for a Q and A session with Will Eubanks (writer/director of Love), and Gunner Wright (lead actor in Love). The dude next to me is Tom Delonge. (As you can see I changed my shoes, and went with the vegan Mathew Black/Ochre with the yellow laces).

After the show I went to a place where everybody knew my name, Cheers! Actually, no one knew my name, but they did by the time I was thrown out of the joint.

I went back to the hotel and changed my shirt, I felt that it was time to get a little bit more festive. This photo was taken in Chinatown at 2:45 a.m. In any big town in America, Chinatown is your best bet to get weird late at night.

My last memory of my day/night in Boston. I love you Beantown! Thanks for the great memories and for teaching me a little bit about the history of this great country.




Posted Aug 17, 2011 09:58:25 pm

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