Family Feature: Dan Smith

You may know Dan Smith as the lead singer from The Dear & Departed or you may know him for his incredible talent as a tattoo artist. Here is a little insight from the man himself as to what has shaped him into who he is today.

"English born, I absorbed all aspects of British culture, most importantly music, before moving to New Zealand at a tender age. Growing up in New Zealand, I was exposed to a very unique education. Tattooing having the history it does there, sparked my interest early and after meeting Dean Parkin from Sacred Tattoo, my path was set. Hanging around Sacred with Dean and Dan Andersen was the best thing to happen to me. I took my first machine acquired from Adam Craft and what I had observed over the years of getting tattooed and applied it to what I knew I had to do. Moving to Australia in 2001 and meeting Shep and Gomer, I was asked to start in my first shop The Body Art Shop in Adelaide, SA. This was where I got my tattoo footing and quickly and thankfully was able to stay busy tattooing a style I loved, yet always having the diversity of what working in street shop asks of you too. Being heavily involved in playing music from a young age also made traveling easier and I was able to take tattooing with me.

After Meeting Jim Miner, Daniel Albrigo and Kat Von D the previous year, and remembering their extended invitation of being able to work along side them a little more permanently, it was all I needed. In 2004 I decided to make the huge move to California. Working at Inflictionsin Arcadia was my first taste of tattooing on American soil and again, was able to stay busy and work side along stand up artists. In 2006, now spending all my time in Orange County,I started working at Eric Maaske's Classic Tattoo with Tim McAlary, Tom Moser, Colin Dowling and other greats.

As my band got busier I traveled consistently, tattooing on the road from the back of the van, to lush hotel rooms and everything in between. When home, I spent alot of time tattooing out of my private studio in Santa Ana, and of course frequent visits to Goldrush Tattoo in Costa Mesa. Mid 2008 after returning from a tour and visiting ex workmate and friend Kat Von D, I was asked to join the High Voltage team in Hollywood and I accepted. I have been there ever since, but still make time to visit the people who have helped me along the way, and of course guest spot and attend conventions everywhere. I enjoy tattooing all styles, and am always attracted to a challenge, but prefer western traditional, solid colour, heavy black, tattoo looking tattoos.

Loving husband to Skully. Father to kittens Veil and Ashes (mental). I ride Vespas and will one day fly a hot air balloon. I like Indian food and red licorice (not together)."

Visit his website and check out this killer video of The Dear & Departed performing Matter Of Time on Fuel TV.

Posted Jan 28, 2011 01:07:13 am

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