Featured Art-ist: Mitch Revs

If you have driven by the shop in the last couple of months, you have definitely seen the eye-catching rainbow monster and mouth garage painted on the storefront. Yep, that's the work of our Australian team member and artist Mitch Revs! Keep your eyes open for more awesomeness coming from Mitch and Macbeth. We are cooking up a killer collab that you are going to have to have.

We asked Mitch to answer the questions we make all of our art-ists answer so that we get to know them a lil bit better. Be sure to check out his work and the video of the store mural below!

Name: Mitchel Resevsky, Mitch Revs is easier

Medium: A little bit of everything

When you started art-ing: I started taking my job seriously in 2012. It was like the transition from something I enjoyed to something I had to do.

Why’d you start art-ing: You are either born creative or you are not. Its a rare tool that only a small percentage of us are given. Its one of those things you start doing as a kid but you don’t loose it when you find other interests.

What message would you like to get through to the public with your art: I am not an artist with a message. I just like to get weird and creative. Its funny, when I was in high school I looked at artists that I aspired to be like, I read their stories of how they spoke to the world with art. I was so caught up in what message I would try to paint, the stories that I should tell, that id have a blank piece of paper 2 hours later. Less thinking more inking.

In five words, describe your art: Fun, progressive, colourful, weird, fucked

Does what you see in your mind come out through your art? How?: I feel like I’m almost at a point where I am happy with the things I create. For years and years I couldn’t quite grip the perspective of things in my mind that I wanted to show on the paper but I feel am almost there.

What other artists do you admire or hate?: There is no hate what so ever, other artists are what keep me motivated and help me progress. I hope I have the same impact on others.
Alex Pardee, the dude is a fucking legend and his art is awesome. Ever since I saw “the Used” cover art back in 2004, I have been following the guy.
Ed Roth – Genius
Walt Disney – The reason we see the world in color.

Is art dead? Why or why not?: No, art is not dead. I don’t even know how to answer this. My brain hurts.

What will your collaboration with Macbeth be?: My brain still hurts. I have no idea what it will be yet, this is exciting!

When, where, and why is your next art happening taking place?: I will be having a solo exhibition here in Australia somewhere mid 2014.
A presentation of myself and the evolution of my Art.
Updates at www.mitchrevs.com

Posted Jan 16, 2014 01:44:46 pm

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