In the Studio with Idlehands Part #1

Our friends Idlehands are currently in the studio recording their new full-length album. They have offered to let us into the interesting world of recording - full of strange times, stir-craziness, late nights, lots of Ramen, hard work and friendship.

Portland, Oregon.

Midway through the recording process with Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio, the days have become shorter and the nights, longer. Perhaps this is merited by a harder work ethic or a communal case of cabin fever; I’m not exactly sure. As I sit listening to Sean track his eighth song, the day to day regimen manifests in my head and can be expounded as thus:

-wake up late.

-lay in my bunk and decide which of ten shirts, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of boots or five pairs of shoes and seven pairs of socks to wear.

-further determine how many ten minute intervals I should take to poke my first leg out from under my blanket and into the Portland cold afternoon.

-join the rest of my colleagues at the watering hole upstairs and put away a couple (read: several) cups of coffee.

From here, the day is sucked away whilst sitting on the comfortable dark mahogany leather couches listening to someone track guitars or Johnny’s vocals, or downstairs in our living quarters watching whatever television series we’re in the middle of on Netflix.

Sometimes we walk and get food, sometimes we go downtown during the night and see what kind of Portland weirdness we can get ourselves into. Without saying too much, we have definitely found some peculiarities that probably will only live on in our minds and nowhere else.

It’s remarkable to hear these new songs come to a real sense of fruition after writing them for the better part of the past year. Every time an instrument is tracked and completed, it instills the idea of a vast amelioration in a song that we had written ages ago and even played on tour. Small parts are sometimes changed or suggested and it announces a revival in a different song that felt like an old faithful we had stored in the attic.

We’re midway through, and I’ve never been more excited about the idea of being part of a tour de force like this album will be.


Posted Oct 7, 2013 11:10:39 am

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