It’s Battle Time Again!

Let’s be honest dudes and gals, this is the competition you’ve all been waiting for since Groezrock 2012.
But now we are ready to kick off the battle of all battles, Europe’s most famous rock competition and your chance to bring your band to Groezrock festival 2013!

You better come prepared because this is your chance to win a spot in the line up of the Macbeth stage powered by Blackstar at Groezrock Festival 2013. Last year over 600 bands signed up. Now does your band have what it takes? There’s only one way to find out...

Sign your band up by filling out the form on before February 24th and show us what you've got. A panel of music industry professionals will review all submissions and make an initial selection of 30 possible candidates for the Macbeth Groezrock stage.

These names will be announced on March 4th through The 30 bands that make it to the 2nd round enter into the voting competition in which they willhave to get as many people as possible to vote for them.

Show us how devoted your fans are, test your PR skills, your creativity and use your network, because the more votes, the more chance you have of playing our stage! On March 18th, we will announce which 10 bands have gained the most votes and thus qualify for a spot on the Macbeth stage powered by Blackstar at the Groezrock Festival 2013!

2 bands will receive a golden ticket by the jury to come out and make it straight to our stage and 2 spots are booked for Macbeth friends, last year we had our good friends of Swellers and We Are The Ocean over as our special guests, and this year we are proud to welcome “Nations Afire”, featuring members of Rise Against, Ignite, Death By Stereo and Reach The Sky on April 29th. More to be announced...


  • Submissions need to be entered before Feb.24th

  • The first selection of 30 bands will be announced through on March 4th

  • The voting period starts on March 11th and closes March 17th at midnight.

  • The bands that get offered a spot will be notified on March 18th

  • Groezrock day tickets are included for the artists only

  • The Backline will be provided by Blackstar amplification, it is not possible for bands to use their own backline.

  • Stage size 6m x 4m

  • The 10 bands invited to play have no saying in day or time.

  • Any questions - feel free to reach out to

  • Groezrock Festival takes place on the 27th & 28th of April in Meerhout Belgium.

  • The Macbeth stage is powered by Blackstar amplification

  • For more info on Macbeth go to

  • For more info about Groezrock go to

Kind regards,

The Macbeth & Blackstar team

for press/marketing info contact 

Competition related questions

Posted Feb 8, 2013 11:30:27 am

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