Macbeth At SXSW!

Macbeth will be crashing the streets of Austin this week for SXSW! We'll be heading there with our friends DJ Skeet Skeet and Chris Cote, editor of Transworld Surf Magazine, to wreak some havoc, bare witness to the lovely ladies of Austin and check out the very best in what the world of music has to offer!!

We're helping our buddy Dj Skeet Skeet launch his curated food app, you can check out his site So we'll be giving you drunken tour of everything from back alley food trucks to the finer eateries in Austin…we may even bring along a couple surprise guests to help us out!

We'll be documenting all the activities of this professional business trip (read partying for a few days straight) so all of you who didn't make it can get insanely jealous about what went down.

Macbeth is taking part in three rad showcases! You'll be able to get some Macbeth swag in the gift bags at the New Granada/ showcase, featuring the likes of Le Blorr, Yukon Blonde and Ringo Deathstar.  We'll also have stuff at the Audible Treats showcase, featuring none other than Talib Kweli and Souls Of Mischief! If that wasn't enough you'll also be able to pick up a limited Macbeth X SSE "Fuck Cancer" Tee at the Shirts For A Cure showcase, where the legendary Hot Water Music and Braid will be performing.

Sounds pretty fucking awesome right? Hopefully we'll see some of you there and if not we'll be sure to fill you all in on the aftermath... if we make it back in one piece.

-3/15: New Granada/ Showcase - Ringo Deathstarr, Deleted Scenes, Yukon Blonde, Sleepy Vikings, New Roman Times, Le Blorr, Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun

-3/15: Audible Treats Showcase - Souls Of Mischief, Talib Kweli, Roach Gigz, Tanya Morgan, Georgia Anne Muldrow, A.Dd+, SL Jones, THEESatisfaction, LEP Bogus Boys, Moe Green/Toure

-3/16: Shirts For A Cure Showcase - How Water Music, Braid, Darkest Hour, Anti-Flag, Coliseum, Tim Barry, Regents, Beast Of No Nation, Comeback Kid, DYS, Foundation, Such Gold, Living With Lions, Blacklist Royals, Seahaven, Luther.

Posted Mar 14, 2012 03:06:52 pm

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