Macbeth Music: Taking Back Sunday, Bad Books and more...

First up this week, Taking Back Sunday have released another entertaining video of them in the recording studio laying down tracks for their upcoming fifth, full-length record. We can't wait to hear the new record and judging by the clip of a new song in the video, its going to be worth the wait. Also keep a look out for Eddie wearing the Macbeth Bruxelles shirt at the end. The Macbeth Vs. Taking Back Sunday Studio Projects are available in the UK/EU - here - and the US - here.

Next up, Bad Books, recently stopped by Top Spin Media's office to perform a couple of acoustic tracks. Watch this incredible video of them performing the track, Please Move, taken from their debut self-titled album.

This week, Mike Dirnt's side-project, The Frustrators announced five shows in California and their plans to release a new EP. Visit their Facebook Page for more info and announcements!


My Chemical Romance have been busy peforming on more TV shows, check out this awesome video of them peforming their electro enthused track Planetary (Go!) on The Daily Habit.

Free Music:
You may remember some old friends of ours, Envy On The Coast. Unfortunately they called it a day last year, but Sal has put up a couple of new tracks that we're diggin' on his website. Visit his website and listen to Fix Us below.

  Fix Us by robotjackie

New Releases:

Architects - The Here and Now: This week Macbeth UK family members, Architects, release their second full-lenght record. A departure from their previous tech metalcore sound, but still awesome!

Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean: American folk singer/songwriter releases his fourth full-length this week, if you want a chilled out evening, make sure you give this a listen.

The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules: Legendary emo/Indie-rockers The Get Up Kids, return with their first album since 2004. If you havn't heard of them before, you've got a lot of music listening to catch-up on. If you like what you hear definitely make sure you check out their other albums.



Posted Jan 25, 2011 07:56:10 pm

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