Macbeth Music: Tegan & Sara, Young Guns and more...

First up this week, Tegan & Sara have released a trailer for their upcoming CD/DVD Get Along, which includes a live cd as well as three films that give an inside look into their lives. This trailer looks incredible and if it's anything to go by, suggests this is a must have for any Tegan & Sara fan. Watch the trailer below and visit to pre-order your copy now!

Secondly this week, our buddies from the UK Young Guns, released their new single Learn My Lesson. This huge sounding tack is taken from their second full length record, which is set for release next year. This track takes the next step up from their last album and sounds like it could be played to a sold out stadium. If you haven't already listened to them this is a good place to start so stream the track below and visit their Facebook Page for more details.

Our buddy Skeet Skeet is currently on the road with Katy Perry in Europe. In between his mad schedule, he's also found time to produce DWNTWN's new mixtape. We've had the chance to listen to a few tracks so far and its rad! You can download it for free now on their Facebook Page!

Next up, we came across this rad video of Polar Bear Club peforming Killin' It at the Annex Wreckroom in Toronoto, floating about the internet. This is a perfect example of why we absolutely love this band. Their mix of catchy melodies and punk rock is perfect, if you aren't familiar with them, pick up their new record Clash Battle Guilt Pride, which came out last month on Bridge Nine Records.

If you're a fan of Blink-182 and pop-punk in general, and don't already know The Wonder Years you need to 100% give them a listen. Their latest record Suburbia: I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing, came out recently and is definitely worth picking up. In the mean time you can listen to a B-side from the album below.

We posted about Deaf Havana in last weeks Macbeth Music and they are back in it for a second week running! Here's a video of them performing Friends Like These, on their UK summer tour. Keep a look out for Chris rocking a Macbeth Coastal Tee which you can cop in the UK/EU here.


Posted Oct 18, 2011 04:44:40 pm

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