Macbeth Presents: Groezrock Macbeth Factor

Kicking off now. The best competition of the year!

That's right Guys and Gals- Macbeth Shoes is inviting your band to enter the greatest battle of the bands ever, the most Rock 'n Roll competition in history, your chance to become a Rockstar!

Always dreamed of playing a gig at a huge rock festival? Here's your band's chance to rock the Macbeth stage at Groezrock Festival 2011, which is taking place on the 22nd & 23rd of April in Meerhout, Belgium. Yes, that’s right- we are talking about the crème de la crème of the European rock music festivals!
The question is... Does your band have the Macbeth Factor?

There’s only one way to find out: head on over to; and sign your band up before March 14th and show us what you've got!

We will make an initial selection from the entrants and announce the official contestants on March 16th through the website.

Selected bands then need to get as many people as possible to vote for them. The more votes, the more chance you have of being selected to ROCK our stage!

Macbeth will then make a final selection of the 10 bands with the most votes who will get to play the Macbeth Stage at Groezrock.

14 bands in total will be invited to play the Macbeth stage at Groezrock in front of a panel of professional music industry judges. The opening act for Friday will be chosen by, the opening act for Saturday by, besides that Rock One magazine from France will ad a French band and OOR magazine form the Netherlands will at the 14th band to the program.

The winning group will get Macbeth shoes & tees for the whole band, the chance to support 1 of the Macbeth family bands at a club show in the future as well as exposure in numerous European magazines. Last but not least Groezrock offers the winning band a spot on their official 2012 line up!


• First selection of bands will be announced through this website on March 16th.

• Voting period closes on March 30th.

• The bands that get offered a spot will be notified on April 1st.

• Groezrock day tickets are included for the artists only.

• Backline will be provided, it is not possible for bands to use their own backline.

• Stage size- 6mx5m.

• The 10 bands invited to play have no saying in day or time.

• 4 more bands will be selected through other competitions as listed above.

• We will have several rounds on Friday and Saturday.

• 25 minutes set per band.

• The finals will be held on Saturday night 23rd of April.

• Only bands filling out the form completely will be entered to the first selection

• Any questions- feel free to reach out to

Posted Mar 2, 2011 10:44:27 am

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