Night Riots Talk Song Writing & Upcoming SD Show

I once heard it said that "if you can talk then you can sing and if you can walk then you can dance", well Miley Cyrus may have proven that at least the second half of that little proverb is incorrect but there may still be some truth in those words.

We as humans have an innate understanding of music. Recently I witnessed this first hand while picking my nephew up from Kindergarten. Whenever music would come on the kids would straight up go disco inferno in the classroom, and I mean every single kid. You need only to press play on the radio in a room full of kids to have your very own baby rave. As we grow up we become more self conscious and complicated which can block our natural connection to music. We lose the absolute freedom of expression at some point as we grow. We start doing mundane things as we mature like going potty in the toilet, refraining from singing loudly in public, keeping our hands to ourselves, NOT break dancing to anything that even remotely resembles music, etc...

Us Night Riots Fellows have been spending a lot of time both recording in LA and writing songs back home lately. I would say that our freedom of expression has reached an all time high resulting in some of the most creative work in the studio that we have ever produced as well as at least one song written every day that we are home. How did we reach this new pinnacle of creativity?

We stopped caring.

We let go of any concern for what other people might want us to be. We abandoned any insecurity of sharing songs with each other that might not be "the best ever". We shed any anxieties that held back our creativity and we broke down any fences that caged us in. By approaching our craft with this new confidence and surrendering our apprehension we have been able to create our best works yet.

What insecurities or anxieties could you release that would help you reach the next level of your craft?

San Diego! We are heading your way. See you at the show.

Also, everybody please send out good vibes to the Rubin family. If you are the praying type now would be a good time. Aaron was recently involved in an accident and we are hoping he has a speedy recovery. Aaron produced and recorded many of the Night Riots songs that you have heard and is a phenomenal dude. Our thoughts are with you Aaron.

Posted Nov 13, 2013 01:27:15 pm

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