Night Riots Tell a Real Life Scary Story

Since we are getting ready for our Halloween event at the Macbeth Store in Encinitas this Thursday the 31th (Which you all are invited to) we put our heads together to find out who has had the scariest real life experience. The story that I'm about to tell you easily triumphed as the #1 spookiest experience that any member of Night Riots has ever been through, although some of my ex girlfriend stories were close runners up.

In 2010 Mikel and Travis were in Peru visiting a small town called Ollantaytambo. The pair arrived in town after night fall via a decrepit old rusty bus. It was very dark that night but there were sparse pools of dim light emanating from weak electric lamps. The glow of the lamps was enough to offer some visibility of the run down third world environment. Nervously, Mikel and Travis made their way through town. The people of Peru had been very kind and open during their entire visit so the nervous energy was not due to a fear of running into dangerous thug like folk, it was simply because there were no folk to be found at all. It was like a ghost town. As they neared the town center they heard the buzz of what seemed to be people nearby. Usually there was a jovial feeling in small towns of Peru at night. People would usually celebrate after a hard days work with their families and friends but this sound was not a tone of celebration, it was a more sombre and ominous tone. It was in the town center that they discovered what seemed to be a festival similar to the Mexican holiday "Dia De Los Muertos". There were not smiles or really any kind of fun to be found. It seemed that a lot of people were praying or in some type of meditation and it was down right weird how cold everyone felt. Every person that took notice of them let their eyes linger on the sight of the two outsiders for longer than what was comfortable. The two finally made their way to their Hotel room, the humming of people still in their ears. Even though the night was young it seemed wise to just turn in for the evening. Both of the travelers were dripping with eerie vibes and had no desire to spend much time in this town. Tomorrow they would move on to a new location as early as possible, that is, if nothing went awry in the night.

The two brushed their teeth and lay themselves down on their beds, which were really more like small cots. Not much talking was done between the two, so they did not know if the other was awake or asleep, for the most part it was just quiet. They lay there in Room 6 of the shanty little Ollantaytambo Hotel for about an hour of silence until something unexplainable happened. Travis felt a chill roll over him much like dry ice fog being poured from a bucket onto the ground. The cold started at his feet and slowly crawled up his body. As the feeling overwhelmed him he lost his ability to move in the areas that the cold was touching. It seemed like it took the chill only seconds to cover him but at the same time it could have been many hours. He had lost all concept of time. The dark freeze that encompassed him left him in what some would call sleep paralysis. One of the last motions he was able to make was to look out the window. He saw a large moon with a great number of visible stars when suddenly like a quick snap he blinked hard. When his eyes opened from the momentary flicker they were met with burning rays of blinding sunlight. He was no longer pinned down by whatever it was that had overcame him and quickly took advantage of his bodily freedom and sat up. Mikel was sitting up as well, as still as a gargoyle he studied the wood floor with an odd amount of intensity. It didn't take long for the two to come to the realization that they had both experienced the exact same thing.

It came time to leave and Mikel and Travis were waiting inside the Peru airport. They were in good spirits and making small talk with other travelers to kill the time. They met an American couple from New York that had also visited the city of Ollantaytambo one week before. A sudden nervous energy seized the moment as the couple asked a question, "What hotel did you stay at?". Travis responded "We stayed at the hotel right in the center of town". When he said this the American couple shot troubled glances to each other. "Did you...stay in room...6?" The girl stammered as she asked the question while simultaneously searching clumsily for her boyfriends hands like one would search for a light switch in a pitch black room. 

Posted Oct 29, 2013 11:07:03 am

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