On the Road with Idlehands

Aside from our Spring recording of our latest release in Portland, this past tour proved to be the highlight of 2012. Recollecting an entire tour can be an overwhelming and eye-opening task. Instead of using the typical "it was fucking crazy" description, I wanted this entry to express a feeling of gratitude towards everyone who has backed us thus far. Despite our lack of the direct support that touring bands often have, we have been constantly taken care of by newfound family and friends. As a whole, we were welcomed into comforting homes for almost every night of August. The overwhelming description comes into play when we are back at home, working our jobs until we can pull off the next tour. Is us wanting to be out touring full time what separates us from day to day life? I can safely say that we all share that common priority. Somehow, a life away from the drone of local culture seems like a much smoother reality. Thank you for helping us sell out of our CD's. Thank you for feeding us. Thank you for housing us. Thank you for being an advocate of our lives. From Los Gatos to Reno, Idlehands loves the friends and family that support us on the road. Especially the #momsoftour. 


DIY stereo system

Fuck A/C. We're from San Diego.

Portland is a charming place.

Live Comedy: Idlehands

Gearing up in Gilroy.

Oral hygiene.

Sacramento, we left you a present in order to thank you for the pointless detour.

Somewhere between Seattle and Spokane.

Idlehands actually asked us not to post this photo, saying - NO SOLO ASS PICS, PLZ. - but they had already sent it to us...oops! xoxo, Macbeth

UK mom's do it best. #momsoftour

Obligatory photo of the biggest, little city.

Common 'stache.

Vegas is viewed best from a balcony.

Macbeth goes to Lake Tahoe.

Thank you, Amy. You are forever the best mom of tour. We adore you. #momsoftour

Posted Oct 3, 2012 03:32:17 pm

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