The Front Bottoms: Notes from the Road Entry 3

Phoenix, Arizona has always been so good to us. We had a blast, can't wait to come back. We drove a few hours towards San Diego that night and stayed at the only motel around for miles. There was a pack of dogs standing at our door when we pulled up, not the most friendly looking dogs either. But they let us pass.

Before our show in San Diego we stopped in at the Macbeth store in Encinitas. Hung out with friends for a bit, and played some songs in the store. It was a fun way to spend our afternoon. The show later that night was at the House of Blues. A Journey cover band was playing in the big room and we had the smaller side room.  It looked like we were playing in a Chili's restaurant, but the crowd was awesome.

Santa Ana at the constellation room, we knew this was going to be a good show because they gave us a bottle of Jager, we had In and Out, and the show was sold out. What more could you ask for? Thank you for a great show.

San Francisco!! This show caught us all off guard. When we loaded in the venue had a early show going on, a jam band called The Faithful Bread. TFB for short. They had one song left and a half hour later the song was still going on.They cut it really close to doors on our show. Also the room that we thought was our green room, turned out to be some guys house who was home the whole time we were in there. Someone later punched a hole in the bathroom wall and tried setting it on fire. It was a hot sweaty show. We had a lot of fun!

Portland. Thought about getting Voodoo Doughnut but then saw the line. So we just walked around a bunch. We played in a venue right next to the Fall Out Boy show, that line was just as long as the doughnut line. We really enjoyed our day spent in Portland and hope it doesn't take another year for us to come back.

The next day was in Seattle. We got to eat at Meanders Kitchen, theplace is 2 for 2 in our book. We also got to hang out with our friend Abe who always shows us a great time. The venue was the Vera Project, and the room and the crowd were both amazing. During Au Revoir a crowd surfer ended up on stage and it was at the point when "Adios" is first said. Well this person didn't know the words and was going to cue us back into the song but sang "Au Revoir" the reaction of everyone in the room was pretty great.

We had the day off so we took our time driving to Salt Lake City. The place in SLC that we played was called the Shred Shed. DIY space, they put on shows every night of the week and they do a great job at running the place. We had a interview with a class of foreign exchange students from the Dominican Republic, they all came to the show. It was soooooo fun!

Denver!!! We have a bunch of friends who live out in Denver so we started out the day meeting up with a few. It was also the last show with Weatherbox ;( no one was looking forward to this part of tour. They're such a great band, and even greater people. Up to this point this show was our favorite Denver show we have had.

We wish we could go back to all these places every week!

Be sure to catch The Front Bottoms on tour now! And catch up on their last entry here!

Posted Jul 1, 2013 01:30:26 pm

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