#whatsinyourtourbag: Jeff P - Tour Manager, Tech Extraordinaire, Resident Dare Devil

For our latest installment of #whatsinyourtourbag, we asked Tour Manager for Circa Survive, tech for Angels and Airwaves, and Macbeth family rad dude, Jeff P, to tell us what he takes on tour with him. Here is what he had to say:

Macbeth asked me to partake in the #whatsinyourtourbag blog and after much avoidance, I finally caved. Actually, I just got home from a whole summer of festival touring and really needed to clean out my bag to get ready for the Anthony Green solo tour in the fall. There was actually a few more things but I highly doubt anyone needs to see the empty gum wrappers I was to lazy to properly discard of. 

First off are a pair of ultra patriotic Langley's I had grabbed from the studio to take some photos of while skydiving. They actually turned out to be my favorite pair of Macbeth's Ive owned. After that we've got some random AVA guitar picks. Pretty crazy that they are still floating around with how few shows they've done this year. Someone needs to step it up.  A random selection of sharpies and pens. My sweet Duracell LED flashlight, Have you ever seen that dude in the corner of the stage right before a band comes on shining his flashlight trying to get the attention of the sound and lighting guys at front of house? Thats usually me and thats almost always this flashlight.  Some laminates from this past years tours. I normally throw these in a drawer at home as soon as the tour is done but I've been a bit busy this year so I moved out of my house. While I'm at it, huge thanks to David Kennedy for letting me crash on your couch, Tom Delonge for letting me crash at the studio, and Bob Bryar for giving me my own bedroom whenever I'm in Nashville. I've got sweet friends. 

Ok, back to it. A pair of sweet Wonderland glasses I picked up at Univ in Encinitas. Such a dope spot. A fat stack of singles and a 5 pound note from England. Never know when a game of Cee-Lo might break out. My cold weather Macbeth beanie. I'm ready for fall and hoping carrying this around helps speed up the process. Its like a indian rain dance but far from it. Mini multi purpose tool. True story, I was out with MCR about 10 years ago and we were in Buffalo in the middle of winter. I needed to grab drum sticks out of the trailer. I ran into the freezing trailer, busted out the knife and cut open a box of sticks grabbed what I needed and left. It was so cold I forgot to fold the blade back in. I got in the bus and sat down on the couch only to have the blade go about 3/4 of an inch into my right butt cheek. No stitches!

Next is a Circa Survive custom Zippo that they were selling on the last tour we just did. I don't smoke. I think its pretty gross but you never know when a hot babe might ask you for a light. Always be prepared. The little black square is my AT&T mobile hot spot. Trying to share internet with 11 other people on a bus can get pretty brutal when someone is trying to bit torrent the latest episode of Breaking Bad and all you need to do is send a email. This has become a must in my bag.  Another thing I can't travel without are my JH13 custom in ear's. Sometimes you just need to tune out the world and these help do the trick. Lastly is my truck keys. Even though I don't need them while on the road Its a weird sort of comfort to always have them close. The James Coffee Co bottle opener weighs about 3 pounds and always gets pulled out at airport security, but its just one of those things I always feel like I need.

Posted Sep 26, 2013 09:04:25 am

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