#whatsinyourtourbag: Mini Death's Tour Essentials

This is the first in a new series we would like to introduce as #whatsinyourtourbag, where we ask team members and friends to describe to us their essentials on the road. Since I both work here and am in a band called Mini Death, it was easy for me to be the guinea pig.... So welcome to the world of Mini Death's tourbag, whether on the road for Macbeth or for the band - these are my must have items.

Yes, I am that ridiculous - I have some crazy thing for sunglasses so I usually travel with 3-4 pairs, in case I want to change it up and not wear the same old ones everyday. I know I am excessive - my friend Matt from Idlehands and I even made up a hashtag for my ridiculousness - #extessive. On top of sunglasses, a pair of reg specs are a necessity - I am blind as a bat, so without contacts (which I can't wear every second of everyday, believe me I tried) I need a pair of glasses so I don't walk into walls.  Next, I absolutely have to have caffeine at all times or can't function - which makes a sugar-free Red Bull an essential on the road. I have a tendency to forget to eat so the Clif Bars come in handy as a quick snack - we joke around the office, but I really think I could live off of Clif Bars and Red Bull alone...oh and Vodka - hence the awesome flask that I never leave home without. I am not an alcholic...just like to have it handy. Gum - I really can't sing without gum...it's all in my head, but it helps me with nerves and also I have now convinced myself, I really can't perform without it. I am paranoid about getting sick so I consume Emergen-C almost as much as I consume caffeine.

There is a book. Yep - I always take a book with me, kidding myself I will actually finish it and read another one as well - but end up spending too much time in the worm holes of social media and interwebs on my phone. A pen - that is practical. You always need one. Yes, I am a girl and cannot live without liquid eyeliner...and yes, I am a girl, but I have boyish hair so I cannot go a day without Kevin Murphy's Undressed to tame my boyish mop. Again, girl stuff, lots of jewelry and lots of turquoise. Definitely never take of my chiefhead abalone necklace that I found at the Swap Meet. I feel naked without it. David Kennedy gave me a rad bottle opener from his James Coffee Co collection and I go everywhere with it - again, not an alcolohic, I just happen to find myself around beer bottles often. A knife - always good to have. I once found myself on the side of the road after the van had broken down and it was like 120 degrees outside, and we were all so hot that we were literally cutting clothes off with a knife - see? you never know when you will need it. And of course, knives and alcohol and lots of caffeine are all a great combo.

And lastly, I have to have my vintage tees with me - I collect old band tees; this vintage Black Flag one is one of my faves. They are good luck and a staple part of any of my outfits. And yes, I am lucky because I work here - I have one of the only pairs in existence of these radical silver Eliots. Love them! So comfy - and they are attention grabbers for sure...oh, and there is my iphone, which literally gives me anxiety to be apart from it or have it dead, but I had to use it take this picture - hence it not being in the picture.

Posted May 16, 2013 01:55:25 pm

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