#whatsinyourtourbag: Rico from Night Riot's Tour Essentials

Being in a touring band is one of the busiest and most fun occupations in the universe but somehow it also reigns supreme in the "time spent sitting while waiting for something" championships. Going on tour? Cool, you can sit in the van 7 hours a day while we travel. Recording new songs? Awesome, wait in the other room while we track vocals and guitars for 1,000 hours. After years and years of rockin the old school flip phones and fervently avoiding smart phones like Billy Idol avoided sleeves, I broke into the fancy smart phone world. I would say that my Galaxy S3 is my number one essential item for the road as it is such a useful tool and always entertaining. For entertainment value my Nintendo DS is pulling in at a close second. 

Having a pair of slip on shoes is a must when your on the road so that when you are half asleep and the van stops for a quick break you can quickly be ready to hop out. I've been wearing my Black Macbeth McQueen's for such situations. While on tour you are surrounded by people 24 hours a day and sometimes personal space is needed. I have found that having a good pair of isolation headphones can save your life especially if one of your band members is belting out "A Whole New World" from the Aladdin soundtrack while another is running through vocal warm ups that sound like weird bird calls. The van can be a very loud place so it is nice to have an escape, just put headphones in and close your eyes.

Lastly, inspiration goes a long way when it comes to the entertainment industry. Without my golden framed picture of Nick Cage I don't think I could perform night after night to the best of my abilities. All it takes is a couple hours of meditation on the photo before we go on stage and I'm good.

-Rico Rodriguez, Night Riots

Be sure to check out Night Riots on June 7th at the Troubador in LA, and help these guys get their music to the world at their Indie Go-Go Page!

Posted May 28, 2013 11:57:09 am

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